Choose the Right Product for Your Job

  • Colour Selection

    Sealant colour is often one of the most important deciding factors in choosing a product. That’s why Mulco® offers up to 50 colour options. With this many colours to choose from, it will be easy to find a sealant that complements the look of your project. Check the chart below to see which Mulco products come in these colours.

    Colour Selection

    Colour Selection

  • Where You Apply Affects What You Apply

    Mulco® has a sealant for just about every job. Whether you need an indoor sealant to withstand the increased dirt and moisture of kitchens and bathrooms, a woodwork filler, or an acoustical sealant to help with soundproofing, Mulco has you covered. 

    Mulco outdoor sealants can help secure buildings from top to bottom. They are designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures, moisture and sunlight. They can be used on doors, windows and siding to help seal out harsh weather and drafts for increased comfort and energy savings, while roofing and gutter sealants keep out moisture and leaks.


  • Why Surface And Product Composition Matter

    Matching the correct sealant with the correct surface allows you to do your job right the first time around. The elasticity, longevity and drying times of sealants depend on the solid and liquid ingredients — the product composition — used in the sealant. While there’s no “one size fits all” product, Mulco® has created different products with unique compositions for just about every project you encounter.

    Certain products react unfavorably to particular surfaces because they are meant for others. You will want to check the Mulco Sealant Selection Chart and Mulco Sealant Characteristics Chart before applying the sealant. Questions about the differences between water-, solvent-  and chemical-based sealants are
    answered here.

  • Choose the Right Product the First Time

    Choosing the right Mulco® product is easy when you know what factors to consider. Mulco products are designed for specific environments, surfaces and preferred quality and colour.

  • Quality and Effectiveness

    Mulco® manufactures high-performance sealants for a wide range of budgets. While all sealants adhere to Mulco’s high standards, there are plenty of economical options to help you stay within your resources. The effectiveness level of each sealant is rated between 1 and 5 in the chart below depending on the surface it’s applied to. 

    Mulco Sealant Selection Chart

    If several products are suitable for your job, check the Mulco Sealant Characteristic Chart to narrow your choices. 

    Mulco Sealant Characteristics Chart