How to Choose a Mulco Sealant

Choose the Right Product the First Time

How to Choose a Mulco Sealant

How to Choose a Mulco Sealant

How to Choose a Sealant

Choosing the right sealant or caulk can be overwhelming. Mulco makes it easy by assisting you in finding the perfect sealant based on your specific needs. Explore our quick Sealant & Caulk Q&As to gain clarity, and then select a product tailored to your intended use with our helpful suggestions below.

How To Choose The Right Sealant

How To Choose The Right Sealant And Caulk

Sealant Advice

How To Choose The Right Sealant

Before choosing a sealant or caulk for a project there are a couple questions you need to ask before starting your project.

Where Are You Using The Sealant?

For indoor jobs like Kitchens & Bathrooms, resistance to mold & mildew, performance in high humidty, and watertight seals, are key. Find out which Mulco sealant can bring your kitchen and bathroom aspirations to life by selecting Kitchen & Bathroom Sealants below. 

If you're working on Doors or Windows, finding the right colour and and a sealant made to withstand the harsh Canadian conditions are important to protecting and beautifying your home.   

Have a minor roof leak? Don't sweat it. Our Roof Sealants help to seal shingles, flashings, and minor foundation holes prior to applying a foundation coating.

Are You Painting Overtop of the Sealant?

Our Mulco Sealants are available in a myriad of colours so that you can find the right colour for your project. Keep in mind that some sealants, particularly those made with silicone, may be affected in terms of their sealing capabilities if painted over.

To learn more, please choose from one of the selections below to find your next Mulco sealant based on your project. 

Sealants For Home Projects

Choose the project you are working on to find the best sealant for your job

Why Surface And Product Composition Matter

Why Surface And Product Composition Matter

Matching the correct sealant with the correct surface allows you to do your job right the first time around. The elasticity, longevity and drying times of sealants depend on the solid and liquid ingredients — the product composition — used in the sealant. While there’s no “one size fits all” product, Mulco's diverse product offering is tailored to specific needs for just about every project you encounter. 

To learn more about the different product types and attributes between the Mulco line up, you will want to check out the Mulco Sealant Characteristics Chart to help you decide the best product for your project.

There are three types of sealants:

  • Water-based

  • Solvent-based

  • Chemical-based

Learn More About Sealant Types

Quality and Effectiveness

Quality and Effectiveness

Mulco offers a range of high-performance sealants designed to suit various budgets. While each product meets our rigorous standards, we provide plenty of affordable options to help you stick to your budget without compromising on quality.

Not sure which product to choose? Find out which products are recommended depending upon the use and surfaces of your next project using the Mulco Sealant Selection Chart

Learn which product works best for each surface and use