Crack And Gap Filler

Achieve a flawless finish

Crack And Gap Filler

Crack and Gap Sealant


Mulco's Crack and Gap Filler is a 100% acrylic latex sealant that provides the perfect finishing touch, before or after painting to give your project a flawless finish. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects.

Fill Cracks Before Painting

Crack & Gap Filler Application

Product Number: 130

Fill Cracks Before Painting

Before painting, Mulco's Crack and Gap Filler fills up the cracks and small gaps between baseboard or mouldings and the walls and ceilings.

Crack and Gap Filler:

  • Does not affect paint gloss

  • Does not cause cracking of primer and flat-finish paints

  • No sanding required

  • Can be painted after 2 hours

  • ​It can be used for interior and exterior use

  • Available sizes: 170 mL and 300 mL

  • White colour

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Many Renovation Uses

Product Benefits

Many Renovation Uses

Mulco's Crack and Gap Filler is also used to fill up nail holes, and other small holes and cracks in the walls or wood frames to be painted. 

Crack and Gap Filler does not generally require priming on most building materials, including:

  • polystyrene insulation

  • fibreglass

  • painted or stained surfaces, including wood, and many common building materials

CAUTION:  Not to be applied around showers or bathtubs

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