Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to apply Mulco products?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the proper way to apply Mulco® products?

A: Other than temperature, the two most important factors in sealant application are joint shape and joint width. Follow these instructions when applying Mulco products to joints.

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Defining a Joint

Defining a Joint

The “joint” refers to the sealant in its applied form. Most sealants, other than silicon, should be applied in a convex shape (meaning domed or curved outward) so that when it dries, it will form a flat, smooth surface.

The sealant should always be applied so that it exceeds the width of the joint being sealed by at least 3 mm. (1/8 inch) on each side.

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When to Increase Joint Width

When to Increase Joint Width

Increase the width of the joint if:

  • You are sealing a surface that has already been covered in sealant

  • You need to hide defects in materials

  • The gap between materials is wider than 3 mm. (1/8 inch)

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How to Apply the Sealant

How to Apply the Sealant

  • First, cut the tip of the sealant nozzle off at a 90-degree angle with a utility knife, making it a little thinner than the required joint width.

  • Completely break the thin aluminum membrane that separates the sealant from the nozzle.

  • Insert the cartridge into a sealant gun. You are now ready to seal a juncture.

  • Hold the gun at a 45-degree angle in the juncture and apply steady, even pressure to the gun’s handle.

  • Pull the gun toward you while pushing the bead of sealant into the gap in one continuous movement.

It is important to apply the sealant evenly. If there is too much pressure, the joint will be formed irregularly. If there is not enough pressure, the joint will not completely adhere to the surface.

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