MULCO® Acoustik Vapor Barrier Sealant

MULCO® ACOUSTIK is recommended to reduce sound transmission and vibrations in hidden joints, curtain walls, small cracks between door frames and framework, rigid insulation, around electrical boxes, and more. Acoustik works wherever you want to avoid air and humidity transmission or to reduce air-borne sound transmission through gaps. Acoustik can also be used to seal joints between polyethylene vapour barrier sheets to maintain air barrier and vapour barrier continuity.


  • Interior & Exterior
  • Reduces sound transmission and vibration
  • Compatible with polystyrene insulation panels
  • Blocks air drafts

10 oz/300 mL (EA), 28 oz/800 mL (EA), Each (EA)

Base Sizes Download
Ready Mix Custom Color 10 oz/300 mL (EA), 28 oz/800 mL (EA), Each (EA)
Ready Mix Black 10 oz/300 mL (EA), 28 oz/800 mL (EA)